The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (hereinafter CYSaS) of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is a voluntary formation of students, graduate students, young scientists and specialists of the LHEP JINR, united on the basis of common interests.

The main goals and objectives of the CYSaS are:

  • an organizational association of students, graduate students, young scientists and JINR specialists for initiative scientific work and the development of professional contacts with scientific and student organisations;
  • assisting students, graduate students, young scientists and specialists of the VBLHEP in creating favorable conditions for professional research activities;
  • assistance in establishing closer ties between the older and younger generation of scientists, thus ensuring continuity in scientific activities;
  • dissemination of scientific and other information relating to the activities of the laboratory and all of JINR, other scientific and educational centers, in accordance with the procedure established at JINR for the dissemination and publication of information;
  • promotion of publication, presentation at scientific forums and implementation of the results of the work of young scientists and specialists;
  • assistance in solving professional and social problems of youth;
  • nomination of young specialists for various awards and prizes;
  • organization of sports and cultural leisure activities of young scientists and specialists, as well as their families;
  • organization and maintenance of the website of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics.

To achieve its goals, the Council participates in and conducts scientific conferences, schools, colloquiums and seminars; disseminates scientific, technical, organizational and other information that meets the objectives of the Council; participates in exchange programs; supports educational school programs; collaborates with scientific, student and other organizations; carries out other social activities that do not contradict the JINR regulations.