Projects realised by VBLHEP Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (CYSaS)

Open Day of the NICA Complex

Because of the construction of the NICA accelerator complex, the CYASS Council organized an event called “First Open Day of the NICA Complex”. Alongside with the JINR staff, graduate students and students of MEPhI, participants of international schools of JINR and others, attended the event.
For more than 100 people, educational lectures, as well as excursions to the NICA accelerator complex were held as part of this event. It is planned to hold such events on a regular basis in Russian and English.


The project “CYSS-Discount”, because of which, the staff of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics is provided with a universal discount card. The owner of this card receives a 10% discount on goods and services in the partner companies of the program “CYSS-Discount”. The list of partners of the program is given on the LHEP website.

Winter Fishing Festival among JINR Employees

“The First Winter Fishing Festival among JINR Employees” is another interesting project of CYSS, the purpose of which is to promote such sport as winter fishing. Dubna has long been known for its amazing water areas, which are of great interest of anglers from Moscow and the Moscow region. The program of the festival, in addition to competition in winter fishing, also includes training to winter fishing for all wishing – this is a theoretical course on the types and techniques of ice fishing, and a practical course with real fishing gear.

VBLHEP Phone book

The release of the new VBLHEP Phone book. With the increase in the number of staff and the reorganization of some departments, it became necessary to create a new telephone book of LHEP. In the near future, it is planned to release a new format of phone book with relevant phone numbers of LHEP employees.

LHEP website

Development of an updated LHEP website. An updated version of the site with a user-friendly interface, high-quality graphics and a nice design has been developed. When developing the site, the wishes of employees aimed at the convenience of working with the site have been taken into account.