VBLHEP Scholarships

The application for the scholarship includes:

  1. a filled application form
  2. list of publications for the last 4 years that form the cycle
  3. abstract of the cycle, where the subject section is specified
  4. recommendation of a group or sector leader.

One can apply for only one scholarship.

A. M. Baldin scholarship is awarded in the following sections:

  • experimental and theoretical studies of relativistic many-particle systems and collective phenomena at interactions with them (relativistic nuclear physics), including cumulative and subthreshold phenomena, multiple particle production in the region of intermediate and high energies;
  • polarization phenomena in relativistic nuclear physics and elementary particle physics and photonuclear reactions;
  • scientific and methodological studies: on the technique of an experiment in the field of intermediate energies, on the acceleration of nuclei up to relativistic energies, on the creation of nuclear beams, their control and monitoring of parameters

Veksler V. I. Scholarship:

  • experimental and theoretical particle physics;
  • scientific and methodological studies on particle physics and accelerator physics, on the creation of derived particle beams, their monitor and parameter control;
  • scientific, technical and applied R&D.

Markov M. A. Scholarship:

  • experimental and theoretical physics, preservation and development of leading scientific schools, building up intellectual potential of the Institute.