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Научно-методический семинар ЛФВЭ «Monitoring and control for MPD time projection chamber LV and HV subsystems for NICA»

8 февраля @ 11:00

Докладчик: Youmna Ghoneim (ЛФВЭ)

For the MPD detector control system, the Master SCADA and SCADA software were proposed. The TPC low-voltage and high-voltage systems concepts are presented. It is based on CAEN equipment and the OPC UA (OLE for Process Control) server protocol.The status of interface design for CAEN equipment based on OPC UA, Master SCADA server, and GRAFANA is presented. GRAFANA will be used to present graphs of the variation in the parameters of HV and LV during the monitoring.

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8 февраля

Место проведения

ком. 241, корп. 215