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Общелабораторный семинар

17.03.2023 @ 11:30 - 12:30

Experimental Study of the QCD Phase diagram via Energy Scan at RHIC

Xiaofeng Luo (Central China Normal University, China)

Abstract:Understanding the properties of quark matter and its phase structure helps to extend our knowledge of universe evolution and the structure of visible matters. In the last two decades, many experimental evidences for the strongly interacting quark-gluon plasma (sQGP) have been observed in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Therefore, exploring the QCD phase structure at high baryon density, such as mapping the 1st  order phase boundary and finding the QCD critical point, becomes one of the most important goals of the heavy-ion collisions. During 2010-2014, RHIC has finished the first phase of Beam Energy Scan program (BES-I), and STAR experiment has collected the data of Au+Au collisions at various collision energies from 200 to 7.7 GeV. To validate the intriguing observations at BES-I, RHIC has started the second phase of beam energy scan program (BES-II) since 2019, focusing on the energies below 20 GeV. From 2019 to 2021, STAR experiment has taken the data of high statistics Au+Au collision at 7.7, 9.2, 11.5, 14.6, 17.3,19.6 GeV (collider mode) and 3.0-7.7 GeV (fixed target mode). In this talk, I will discuss the recent experimental progress for exploring the QCD phase structure at RHIC-STAR experiment, especially focusing on the QCD critical point search. New facilities aiming for high baryon density region and future plan will be also discussed.

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11:30 - 12:30

Место проведения

конференц-зал корпус 215