News from BM@N Collaboration

On September 13-16, 2022, the 9th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N experiment took place at the Laboratory of High Energy Physics. More than 120 participants from 10 institutes from Russia, Bulgaria and Israel attended the meeting. And more than 100 of them participated in person.

The programme of the meeting included reports on the status of the BM@N experiment, on preparing the facility and the detectors to the upcoming BM@N run scheduled for this year. The run is aimed at studying the interactions of the CsI target with Xe ion beams, which are planned to be accelerated at the Booster-Nuclotron complex. Participants also discussed the programme of physics research in this run, the readiness of interaction reconstruction algorithms and software of the experiment for receiving and monitoring a large amount of data.

A separate meeting was dedicated to the results of the analysis of previously recorded experimental data on the interactions of carbon and argon ion beams with targets in order to obtain the yields of charged pions, Λ hyperons and light nuclear fragments. A detailed report was presented based on the prepared paper on determining the yields of charged π and К mesons in argon-nucleus interactions. Participants heard about 40 reports on the subject of the BM@N experiment. And 8 reports were discussed during the session that took place on the island of Lipnya.

A council meeting of the institutes participating in the BM@N Collaboration was also held, at which a new chairman of the council and a new technical coordinator of the BM@N experiment were elected.

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Forward Silicon Detectors, GEM detectors and elements of the BM@N beam path
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GEM detectors and carbon fiber vacuum ion beam pipe inside the BM@N spectrometric magnet