Schoolchildren from Egypt getting acquainted with JINR

On 6 September, the Science School for Students of the School University of the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) began its work. 14 students of the ASRT School University aged 13-16 arrived in Dubna to participate in the School.

200 students took part in physics competitions to become participants of the Scientific School. Only 30 of them managed to pass the first qualifying round, after which oral interviews were conducted with the candidates.On September 9, the schoolchildren visited VBLHEP, where they were told about the main directions of the laboratory’s scientific activities, and they were also given excursions to the accelerator Booster of the NICA complex (guide Alexander Tikhomirov) and to the assembly and testing hall of superconducting electromagnets (guide Mikhail Shandov). 

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