VBLHEP employees awarded RAS medals!

According to the results of the competition in 2020, employees of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics Ilya Gorbunov, Andrey Galavanov, Elena Kulish, and Yulia Ivanova were awarded RAS medals for outstanding scientific achievements.

Ilya Gorbunov won the RAS medal in the fields of nuclear physics for his research paper “Checking the Standard Model and search for new physics using research on polarization effects in the CMS experiment at the LHC”. In the frames of the CMS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, he has carried out the precision check of the electroweak theory by measuring the forward-backward asymmetry at the energy of 7 and 8 TeV of colliding beams in the previously unexplored range of invariant masses of lepton pairs. Thus, he has shown that the measured values are in agreement with the predictions of the Standard Model. The forward-backward asymmetry is extremely sensitive to the signals of the New Physics, that is why Ilya continues his study at a collision energy of 13 TeV.

Andrey Galavanov, Elena Kulish, and Yulia Topko (Ivanova) won the award in the fields of the development and creation of devices, techniques, and new scientific-technical products of scientific and applied significance for their scientific paper “Development and creation of the tracking system for the BM@N facility based on GEM detectors”. Scientific paper submitted for the competition is dedicated to the creation of the central tracking system of the BM@N experiment. The basis of the tracking system is Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM detectors). This type of detector well suits the conditions of the experiment, namely the high intensity of the heavy-ion beam and the high multiplicity of interaction products. The central tracking system consists of 14 GEM detectors with the world-largest active area.

More information is available at the JINR website http://www.jinr.ru/posts/ras-awarded-medals-to-young-jinr-scientists/