Our congratulations to the staff of the VBLHEP accelerator department and especially to the team engaged in the the design and construction of the channel for the extraction and transport of the ion beam from the Booster to the Nuclotron!

In close cooperation with colleagues from Novosibirsk, work was carried out to create and launch a complex 3D channel for transfer and separation of particles of target charge, consisting of five dipole magnets, eight quadrupole magnets, three correcting magnets and one septum magnet. Ten years of research, development, meticulous calculations and intensive construction and installation work at the final stage gave the long-awaited and very important result for the entire NICA project.

An iron ion beam accelerated to an energy of 240 MeV / nucleon was extracted from the Booster ring and passed through the transfer channel to the Nuclotron. A snapshot of the beam profile at the end of the channel measuring 20mm x 5mm is shown on the phosphor screen.